Weekend Reading — Wife Discovers Browser History

vruz Further adventures in multiple inheritance.

Design Objective

OneShot, a one week design case study Posting text as screenshots on Twitter is a horrible idea — not accessible, can't quote, etc — but you can't fight Twitter on this, might as well use OneShot. The design of this app is just fantastic in fit and simplicity.

5 Things You Need to Know About Selling to Local Consumers

Half of holiday shoppers said they were frustrated because their in-store experience were different from those online.

Tools of the Trade


A wise person once said, "Hardware eventually fails. Software eventually works."

before-after.js Simple, responsive image comparision slider.

Quantity Queries for CSS Clever use of CSS child selectors (nth-child and friends) to style collections of elements by their size.


Understanding uptime:

98.12% - you have a few problems

99.65% - you have no major problems

100.00% - your monitoring is broken

Where to Store Your JWTs - Cookies vs HTML5 Web Storage Cookies. HttpOnly; Secure; cookies.

Web Storage (localStorage/sessionStorage) is accessible through JavaScript on the same domain. This means that any JavaScript running on your site will have access to web storage, and because of this can be vulnerable to cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks.


"Enterprise agile" is like Transformers: epic narratives designed to sell you shiny toys


I see you have a poorly structured monolith. Would you like me to convert it into a poorly structured set of microservices?

Lines of Code

That ain’t going to take you anywhere The blog post is good read, and this comment is epic:

When people start to abstract too much, I tend tgo make the joke "Hey, let's add a Table called Table, a table called Column and a thrid one called Field."

I would never have thought that someone would take this joke seriously.

BeckDesignRules The XP four rules of simple design:

The rules are in priority order, so "passes the tests" takes priority over "reveals intention"

@antiserf This, a toushand times!


assert(simple > clever);


Chances that you were the idiot who wrote that code when you run git blame? 90% in my experience.

Locked Doors

“FREAK” flaw in Android and Apple devices cripples HTTPS crypto protection Remember the 90's, when the US crippled all encryption because reasons? As totally expected by the security community, it came back to haunt us.

The Democratization of Cyberattack Speaking of government's self-conflict with Internet security:

All of these existed before I wrote about QUANTUM. By using its knowledge to attack others rather than to build up the internet's defenses, the NSA has worked to ensure that anyone can use packet injection to hack into computers.

All Internet Traffic is Written on Postcards Summary of the security problems with TLS/SSL and DNS.

None of the Above

"Wife Discovers Browser History," unknown artist, c. 1586

Geico Launches Funny and Creative ‘Unskippable’ Ads on YouTube I love the Geico pig, but this is 10x better.

Google - Compare Auto Insurance Speaking of car insurance, ever wondered "how do I give Google more data about myself?"

Justice Department releases scathing Ferguson report In a surprise move, DoJ found out what we all knew about Ferguson and will process to do nothing about it.

The enormity of the net cast by law enforcement and court officials upon the city’s black community is staggering. As of late 2014, more than 16,000 Ferguson residents – out of a population of 21,000 – had outstanding warrants … from cases involving minor violations such as parking infractions, traffic tickets, and housing code violations, according to the report.

Ferguson is what happens when you run a police force as a profit-making business for more context.


I think it's becoming clear that Kickstarter is the cultural replacement for #skymall

Finally I Hear a Politician Explain My Country Just the Way I Understand It

Obama's speech today, again declaring my bias in agreeing with him, differs from those of most other national figures, most of the time, in stating with concise complexity what is indeed exceptional about this American experiment.

Cookie Monster Unboxes a Lunchbox Every unboxing video ever.

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