Weekend Reading — Brand engagement in the wilds

Brand engagement in the wilds (of Florida, I presume)

Design Objective


The two workhorses of UI are inputs and IA. Visual design, though, gets all the love.


The world doesn't need new and innovative interaction patterns as much as designers believe. It just needs shit to work.

Cell Phones Before & Now:

Tools of the Trade

Thank you MongoHQ for this awesome signup form:

Politespace Adds whitespace to input fields (phone number, credit card, etc). HTLM5 input masks can do that as well, but turns out they're bad for accessibility.

SideComments.js Commenting interface a la Medium.

Phaser A simple (and free) kanban board for software projects. Oh, and you can edit stories with Vim in the browser.

Strapfork Easily customize your Bootstrap theme to look different than everyone else's Bootstrap theme.

Git-Based DNS Everything that's basically configuration should use text files and version control as its primary API. So this gets my +1

Runtime.JS Operating system kernel in JavaScript because JavaScript all the things.

Lines of Code

Programmer's Proverbs:

"Even a greybeard will drop production DB."

"Scope creep makes a mountain."

"Eternal sunshine of the stateless mind."

"Today's fashion is tomorrow's legacy."

V8 Optimization Killers TIL about %GetOptimizationStatus, a V8 function that can tell you whether or not a function is optimized.

Startup Life

Lyft is a black belt in using Uber’s strength against it Interesting and gutsy.

In Venture Capital, Birds of a Feather Lose Money Together The TL;DR:

A recent study finds that venture capitalists have a strong tendency to team up with other VCs whose ethnic and educational backgrounds are similar to their own. Unfortunately, that tendency turns out to be bad for business.

Locked Doors

“Free” Wi-Fi from Xfinity and AT&T also frees you to be hacked TL;DR don't ever use your Comcast account for email, storage or anything else you care about. (You could say "just don't use the free WiFi", but if you're expected to compromise your account password, why would you think they take your data security seriously?)

Plain Text Offenders Shaming sites that email your password in plain text.

TLS has exactly one performance problem: it is not used widely enough.

On Taxis and Rainbows Lessons from NYC’s improperly anonymized taxi logs.

Exploiting Wildcard Expansion on Linux How Bash wildcard expansion can lead to unintended code execution (or, be careful what you download from the Internets).

None of the Above

MaydayPAC 7 days left to reach $5M, so stop whining about money corrupting politics, and do something to fix it: pldege now.

Inside the Mirrortocracy This:

Try, just for a moment, to suppose that it's probably unnatural for an industry to be so heavily dominated by white/asian middle-class males under 30 who keep telling each other to only hire their friends.

I like the sharing economy, but … MonkeyParking thinks it's a good idea to let people rent out public spaces, while TinyCarrier has managed to unbundle – as VCs like to call it – personal courriers from their drug dealing operators. Exciting times.

Poetica Interesting combination of web-based collaborative editing with old style proofreading marks.

The highlight from today's Malcolm Gladwell AMA Sums up the validity of anything he's ever written/said:

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