Weekend Reading — Acquihire

How most acquisitions work

Design Objective

Let's play a game. Guess which color is for links, which for plain text, which for input field placeholders

Guess the affordance

The VP of Devil’s Advocacy:

The answer, it seems, is that most of those people were likely too close to the projects to see what was right in front of them. They fell victim to group think, or worse, they started to rationalize their own bad projects.

App Rot:

Look around your iPad for a minute. How are its third-party apps doing? Are they all being actively updated? Are they all built for iOS 7 yet?

Five Shocking Facts That Will Change Your Entire Approach to Social Media No. 1: email marketing has an ROI of 4,300%. This is why my new startup, Broadly is all about automated email marketing. 4,300%!

Tools of the Trade

immutable-js Immutable data collections for Javascript. Inspired by Clojure and Haskell, but with an API that closely mirrors that of Array, Map, and Set.

Duckie A tool for one person pairing.


Notification Styles Inspiration Really nice, unobtrusive website notifications.

Let's Talk About RTL A gentle intro to RTL and web apps. If you like structuring your ideas and plans, check this app.

VimAwesome Awesome Vim plugins from across the universe.

Who has the biggest cloud? By year’s end, the answer may surprise you. I'll save you the click: Azure grew 164% in Q2, double the rate of IBM (86%), and quadruple Google (47%) and AWS (49%).

Lines of Code

Eloquent JavaScript The fantastic book for learning JavaScript just got better with a second edition.

Using ECMAScript 6 today With transpilers, so expect stack traces that make no sense, but the new syntax is worth it!

Dispatched and direct method calls in ECMAScript 5 and 6

Locked Doors

Privacy Economics:

But opportunistic privacy is better than none. A strong password is better than a weak one. A password manager is better than your memory. A second factor is better than just a password. An encrypted disk is better than a wide-open one. None of these things buy you anything absolute. But every time the dial turns, certain bad things stop happening, and the world becomes a better place.

Why blurring sensitive information is a bad idea Don't blur: black out.

Seven Habits of Highly Fraudulent Users How to tell fraudulent activity with data analysis (hint: fraudsters don't sleep or take lunch breaks).

Why the Security of USB Is Fundamentally Broken Time to retire the USB port?

None of the Above

Dinosaur's Pen A tumblr of vintage computer porn (SFW).

The Lowdown on Lidar Beating a speeding ticket with some common sense physics and statistics.

Where Bitcoin Could Get Traction Credit/debit card processing fees are big when your sales margin is 5%. What if cryptocoins were just as easy to use, but bring processing fee close to zero?

Stellar Apropos, another decentralized payment network, but without the mining, and you can transact in any currency, and they're giving away coins if you Facebook connect.

The First Trillion-Dollar Startup The story of Fairchild and how Silicon Valley got its name.


you can tell the age of a company by sawing it in half and counting the reorgs

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